Bridgeton Petoors is a Candidate Legal Practitioner within the litigation department. He has a particular interest in labour law, and divorce and maintenance. He strives to always give 110% to any and all tasks being done, including assisting clients to the best of his ability.

Bridgeton is a candidate legal practitioner within the litigation department. He developed a keen interest for labour law in his LLB undergraduate degree, which propelled him to complete his Masters therein as well. While completing his Masters degree at Stellenbosch University, he also worked full time for the well-known legal information institute known as SAFLII (South African Legal Information Institute). His passion for the law is self-evident within both is work attitude and work ethics. He also believes that his passion for people is what makes him an asset to his clients.

Apart from the law, Bridgeton enjoys going out on long drives and sitting with a good book by one of his favourite authors, John C. Maxwell.

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