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The kind of curiosity that fuels exploration in law and life
27 July 2020  | Nelrine Kruger | Views: 245  |  View Link

When I was about 9 or 10 years old, my parents gave me a joke book for my birthday. I was very intrigued by the fact that an entire chapter of the joke book was dedicated to lawyer jokes. My uncle was a lawyer at that stage, and I thought it would be funny to memorise some of the jokes and to recite it to him when I see him again. 

It was not long before I knew all the lawyer jokes and it became a tradition of sorts for me to share my lawyer “joke of the day” at the family dinner table.

And here I am today, some 14 years later, and well on my way to becoming a lawyer. How did this happen?

Well, the short answer is that for me, laughter turned into curiosity. I have always loved exploring. I spend my weekends venturing out into nature to explore park and mountain trials. I am always curious to see the world from another angle, height, and perception. I think my interest in the law can be explained a similar fashion – the vastness of the law demands different angles, perceptions, and considerations; and this keeps me hooked and curious. Curiosity inspires and supercharges learning and growing.

Join me on my venture to stay curious by following my blog posts where I explore interesting concepts in the law from different angles and viewpoints.



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